Fragrance Notes Issue 2, 2019 | Page 6

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO The Fragrance Ecosystem Advancing the industry by listening to and respecting the importance of all parties • California SB 574—Through active listening, education, and leadership, Fragrance Creators significantly improved SB 574, a California bill that 6 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | Issue 2, 2019 “ “ This is the perfect time of year to visit Washington, D.C. As the weather begins to cool and crowds of tourists fade, we locals reemerge to check in on the monuments and wander in our lush and dense parks before the crisp chill of fall settles in. In my walks along the shady path of Rock Creek Parkway, I am often reminded of the interconnectedness of nature. Vibrant greenery, striking blooms, and thick-barreled trees catch the eye, but beneath the surface a vast ecosystem supports this new and ongoing growth. In fact, something as seemingly insignificant as fungi supports several functions that are critical to the survival of the forest, among them symbiosis—an often mutually beneficial interaction between two connected organisms. The fungi provides minerals and water to the tree from the earth’s soil, and in turn the tree supplies it with much-needed carbohydrates. Those sage, sturdy old trees couldn’t stand without this crucial exchange. There are so many things we humans can learn from nature, but this illustration of working together to advance a shared goal—and ensure survival—is particularly instructive. And it’s a familiar concept to us at Fragrance Creators Association because actively listening, collaborating, and leading when necessary are at the center of all we do. These elements are key not just to our success, but that of the broader fragrance industry. Through our commitment to coming to the table with an open mind and listening ear, we lead more fragrance-related policy and advocacy than ever before. Over the past four years, we have progressed from an organization called upon for technical information to one that is directly influencing policy that is relevant to the fragrance industry. Specifically, Fragrance Creators directly led (and will continue to lead) in the following areas: Through our commitment to coming to the table with an open mind and listening ear, we lead more fragrance- related policy and advocacy than ever before. would require companies to disclose intentionally added flavor and fragrance ingredients in cosmetics—if present on a designated list—to the California Safe Cosmetics Database. • California Air Resources Board VOC—Fragrance Creators is leading strategy to shape the California Air Resource Board’s (CARB’s) rulemaking process with regard to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By actively engaging, collaborating, and presenting science-based evidence, we are responding to CARB’s questions and needs and are influencing how it considers fragrance in its rulemaking. • Fragrance and Ingredient Communication—Fragrance Creators is owning the fragrance narrative and leading efforts to support members and engage consumers in the face of growing calls for transparency. We are currently developing The Fragrance Conservatory, a highly visual, interactive website to house credible, consumer friendly, and contextualized information about fragrance creation, sustainability, and safety, as well as content on ingredients subject to disclosure under California’s Cleaning Product Right to Know Act (SB 258). This open-access tool will be available around the globe to help fragrance creators demystify