Fragrance Notes Issue 2, 2019 | Page 40

MEETINGS & EVENTS Amanda Nguyen Speaks at Cleaner Products Cleaner Future Summit Engaging with media, NGOs, and retailers on the basics of fragrance creation and safety 40 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | Issue 2, 2019 On June 12, 2019, Amanda Nguyen, Director, Government Affairs & Legal, Fragrance Creators Association, took the stage to present alongside Matthew Wagner, PhD, Section Head, Global Fragrances Innovation, P&G, during the first-ever Cleaner Products Cleaner Future Summit, presented by P&G Home Care. The well-attended Summit brought together industry influencers, including major retailers, NGOs, industry associations and media, to explore key themes and topics in the home care sector for today and for the future. During their session, “Fragrance 101,” Amanda and Matt engaged participants in a lively discussion about how fragrances are made, the ingredients fragrances contain, how fragrance safety is assessed, and how fragrances are regulated. Attendees also enjoyed a mini smelling session, with Cynthia Reichard, Executive Vice President, Arylessence, educating on the basics of fragrance composition. Feedback from the Summit has been overwhelmingly positive, with the Fragrance 101 as a clear high point. Learn more at