Fragrance Notes Issue 2, 2019 | Page 41

MEETINGS & EVENTS Lia Dangelico Speaks at AOCS 2019 Annual Meeting Spotlighting efforts in fragrance benefits, consumer communication On May 7, 2019, Lia Dangelico, Director, Communications, Fragrance Creators Association, spoke at the America Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) 2019 Annual Meeting, held at America’s Center Convention Complex, in St. Louis, Missouri. During a session entitled “Trends in Household Cleaning,” Dangelico illuminated the many benefits of fragrance in our lives and discussed key projects, including The Fragrance Conservatory, a consumer-facing educational website on all-things fragrance that the association is developing for launch in late 2019. In addition to increasing enjoyment of everyday tasks, such as laundry and dishes, fragrance and scent play a vital role in our fondest memories, emotions, and connections. Dangelico shone a spotlight on fragrance and the fragrance industry, including how Fragrance Creators is translating the story of fragrance for diverse audiences, educating on how fragrances are regulated, and advocating for sound science, innovation, and more. Attendees were engaged and came away with a better understanding of the power of fragrance beyond its ability to enhance lives. Learn more at FN Lia Dangelico, Director, Communications, Fragrance Creators, with Mary Johnson, Senior Scientific Communications Manager, P&G, who also spoke during the AOCS session on home care and cleaning trends. Issue 2, 2019 | FRAGRANCENOTES.ORG | 41